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Support Anfrage: Virtual keyboard not working on fresh install


i have completed and successfully tested a scripted deployment of Sitekiosk. it works reliably on the microsoft surface where I developed it.
testing on a brand new surface works,except on screen keyboard is unavailable on chrome app. i have verified that the software is activated with my demo code and it reports that all trial limitations are removed. what could cause the keyboard to be blocked?

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Re: Virtual keyboard not working on fresh install 07.10.2020 15:17

Thank you for your inquiry. Windows On Screen Keyboard is not compatible with SiteKiosk. Even with the trial/unregistered versions of SiteKiosk, you are free to test our Onscreen Keyboard. There is no known issue with our OnScreen Keyboard and your device or Windows OS. Was this feature turned on while testing? Do you recall if your current registration is for the Plus License (please don't reveal any codes here in public)? Could you state what choice of keyboards you had selected?

Best regards,
Re: Virtual keyboard not working on fresh install 07.10.2020 19:18
On the original surface system (where I developed the configuration) the On-screen keyboard setting is disabled. The native OS virtual keyboard comes up when I focus on a text field within your embedded Chrome browser.
On the other surface machine, where I transferred the config file, the On-screen setting is also disabled. In that case the OS virtual keyboard does not come up.
Both machines are using the same demo activation code and both have "plus" level as I am able to set plus features.
I can activate your On-screen keyboard on that new surface and get the expected result. but your keyboard is much smaller. I am sure I can fuss with it to make it look nicer, but I am trying to understand how the older machine is able to use the OS keyboard and the newer is. not. Both are using the same version of site kiosk and identical configuration!
Re: Virtual keyboard not working on fresh install 07.10.2020 19:43

Thank you for your feedback. Not much information is known about your case. The Microsoft virtual keyboard just doesn't work at all in our test scenarios. Maybe for your first device, a special condition allowed it to happen. In the interim, while more information is being gathered, you could increase the keyboard size under OnScreen Keyboard >>Advanced>>"Display size of keyboard". Or take a look at our International Keyboards from the list in SiteKiosk Configuration. The letters are larger than the Touch Browser and Simple English keyboards. You can review more information from our Help File: https://www.provisio.com/helpconsole/SiteKiosk%20Help/en-US/on-_screen_keyboard.htm .

Please send a copy of your configuration file and Windows OS information (e.g. Win 10 Pro Version 2004) to support-america(at)provisio.com. Please also indicate if this happens in Start Once, Auto Start or both.

Best regards,