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Misc: Enquries of Sitekiosk feature


May I check with you if SiteKiosk is able to track down any of the following:

1. Number of photos taken (SItecam)
2. Number of print local drive or file (ie. scan to PDF performed)
3. Number of times camera button clicked or access (Sitecam)

Answer: (2)

Re: Enquries of Sitekiosk feature 3/13/2017 7:29 PM
2 - This functionality is available out of the box. This information is saved in the log files in SiteKiosk. You can also run a report for this in SiteRemote. This information will be logged for anything that goes through the Window print functionality like print to file etc.

1 and 3 - would require a customization, you can create a custom log entry using the SiteKiosk Object Model. A custom report in SiteRemote would only be possible if you run an in-house SiteRemote Server. You can create a custom SiteKiosk log entry based on the event and order a customer report based on that log entry. Custom reports generally run about $1200. We will need a more detailed description in order to generate an exact quote. If interested please email a detailed description to ward(at)
Re: Enquries of Sitekiosk feature 3/15/2017 7:46 AM
Thanks. I have no further query.