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Misc: Information before i purchase


HI team

i been testing your Sitekiosk for Windows and have some issues before i commit to purchasing for my company
1. Disabling Sitekiosk by pressing the Windows key 10 times.

It does NOT work with the usb keyboards plugged in to the unit. I managed to work around this by remotely logging in via VNC running in the background and using a script to sent 10 windows key strokes . Will the full paid for version fix this? and can we change it to another set of keyboard presses that will work with a USB keyboard?

2. Can we disable windows auto run and disable anyone plugging a usb stick etc into the unit? That feature is not shown in the test version.

Answer: (1)

Re: Information before i purchase 9/20/2017 5:00 PM
To exit SiteKiosk, you will set up a key combination and password in the SiteKiosk configuration tool under >Basic >Password. The Windows logo key is blocked by default.

The option to block usb drives can be found in the SiteKiosk configuration tool under >Basic >Access/Security. Check the box labeled "Lock workstation when removable disk is attached" to block usb drives. You can test this with the trial version.