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Misc: system32/net.exe


Using Windows 8.1 on reboot there are two error popups related to net.exe on system32-folder saying it has been blocked by administrator. Is this normal and is there a way to make system boot without these errors?

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Re: system32/net.exe 12/14/2017 11:43 AM

Executing the Windows system application “net.exe” is blocked by default in the restricted SiteKiosk user account.

You may first find out from where and why this application is executed (not SiteKiosk) and verify if it is required (usually not for running SiteKiosk).

Otherwise you can allow the execution of the “net.exe” application with using the System-Security-Manager (installed with SiteKiosk).
Start the System-Security-Manager in the admin account (SiteKiosk must not run and the SiteKiosk user must not be logged in), choose “Customized” and go to “Programs”.
Then disable the checkbox at “net.exe” and confirm with OK.

Michael Olbrich