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Misc: Print blank pages


4 version 7 sitekiosk pc's and also 4 version 8 sitekiosk pc's prints suddenly only blank pages. Mages on page setup are in all directions 0.75 inch (default ?).
On the Sitekiosk pc printing is possibly from the application Word 2013 (same driver).

By quiting Sitekiosk printing goes fine from IE11 directly.

PC's are automatically updated bij Microsoft Update (earlier this week).

Answer: (1)

Re: Print blank pages 1/19/2018 8:49 AM

SiteKiosk 7.8 from 2011 is out of support.
But as thee is no known issue and the way SiteKiosk is supporting printers is the same in the actual SiteKiosk Version please check this articles about installing and configuring printers with SiteKiosk:

You may first start without printer monitoring.

Otherwise you may update to the most current SiteKiosk version and test again.
Please note that you need to purchase an update license then but you can also test before purchasing any license:

Michael Olbrich