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Misc: Password


While attempting to install the trial version. I keep getting the same error
Am running Windows 7 Enterprise on a 32 bit machine 4 GBs ram, 200 GB HD.

Error creating user account:
The default password did not meet your password requirements.

Please reinstall with the command line switch
or install SiteKiosk without the System Security Manager...

Did all that several times on 2 different systems, trial version does not load.
any ideas...

Answer: (1)

Re: Password 2/26/2018 3:46 PM
SiteKiosk creates a Windows user account during installation. This user account is used for Autostart mode. This message indicates the default password does not meet your strong password requirement. You can resolve the issue by installing from the command line and setting the user’s password to something that will meet your network requirements. You will need to change 12Mypasswd! in the command below to something that will meet your network requirements.

sitekiosk.exe /V"DEFAULTPASSWD=12Mypasswd!"