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Support Request: Streming not allowed


Hy Provisio support

I use sitekiosk with Windows 7
I can't see this stream*~hmac=9baec7a1a4bcd700bdcea12e8eb37beac17c40c4f32cb8ad792978739657ff5f

is the streaming of an Italian news channel
the error message is "funzione non ammessa" (my windows is in Italian)
what should I configure to watch this stream?

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Re: Streming not allowed 10/14/2019 8:46 PM

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. I had tested your web link and found what was causing your error message. Your web link was requiring an m3u8 file to be downloaded to link with an application that could read it. If this was what you would like to do, then you would need to allow downloads and also to allow the necessary applications to read it. If you would like to consider a more simple solution, then you could use a web stream that would work inside the browser e.g. YouTube.

See additional links for topics above:

Hopefully this helps.
Best Regards.