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Support Request: Caution: operating voltage disruptions have been detected.


I have our 50" kiosk touch-screen installed in my client's location but I keep getting these error messages on SiteRemote:

Caution: operating voltage disruptions have been detected. These may lead to system instability, crashes or hardware damage.

I've emailed the hardware vendor to ask if this is something they've ever seen (they have a ton of clients using SiteKiosk). But wondering if you've seen this error and have any direction on the cause? Unit is in a cool interior location, plenty of airflow around it...brand new system with nothing but SiteKiosk installed on an SSD drive.

Chris Blair

Answer: (1)

Re: Caution: operating voltage disruptions have been detected. 10/28/2019 4:39 PM
This is a general warning to check the system. SiteKiosk monitors the system temperature, voltages and fan speed (if supported by the hardware) by using a CPUID SDK ( and sends the information to SiteRemote.

On SiteRemote you will get an alert if any of the voltage values are unusually high or low.
These are the current alert values on
For 3,3V: low alert at 2,97V, high alert at 3,63V
For 5V: low alert at 4,5V, high alert at high 5,5V
For 12V: low alert at 10,8V high 13,2
This is a ±10% tolerance that matches the (higher value of the) ATX specification.

If you don’t want these alerts you can deactivate the option “Hardware Malfunctions” at the alert settings for the SiteRemote user that is responsible for the corresponding machines (-->Administration-->Users-->[User name]-->Edit--> Notification options for results).
(Deactivating the checkbox at “Show on web page” will also deactivate it at “Send notification”)