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Support Request: Site is running slow when using SiteKiosk 9


Hi guys,
Currently we are using SiteKiosk 9 to view our website in our store. The site is running on chrome and it's really slow, especially when we open quick view on this page. We're only facing this loading issue when we use SiteKiosk 9. (this is our dev site)

Could you help us with this ? What could we do to improve our site performance (on SiteKiosk) in general?

Site info:
Front end Login:
[deleted by Administrator]
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Many thanks

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Re: Site is running slow when using SiteKiosk 9 9/3/2020 9:19 AM

Unfortunately I was not able to access that page with the login data you provided.
You may send them again via e-mail to

Generally there is no setting to speed up the SiteKiosk Browser.
The stability and performance of SiteKiosk (regardless of the SiteKiosk version) depends heavily on the Windows system and its hardware (including drivers) as well as other Windows services.

Furthermore the performance depends on the network connection because SiteKiosk deletes the cache each time on logout or screen saver activation so that web pages will be (re-)loaded from the Internet.

Of course, any browser content inside SiteKiosk may run slower than outside due to all the security features, but usually this will not slow down the browser significantly.

With Chrome Browser skin the SiteKiosk Browser uses a Chromium CEF Engine installed with SiteKiosk (actually, with SiteKiosk 9.8, Chromium CEF version 81.0.4044.138).
The IE based skins (e.g. Metro IE) use the IE Web Browser Control of the installed Internet Explorer.

If all web pages load slowly, it is very likely that this is due to system performance or network connection.
If only a specific website is affected, it may be due to the web server or the website code is not optimized for the browser engine used.

If this is the case, check it once in the Chrome Browser Skin which uses a Chromium CEF Engine and once in the Metro IE Skin which uses the IE Webbrowser Control of the installed Internet Explorer.
You could also check if there is a difference between the "Start Once" mode and the "Auto Start" mode (due to user-dependent Windows settings)

If you want to test it outside of SiteKiosk with the browser engines that SiteKiosk does use:
- SiteKiosk 9.8.5463 uses Chromium 81.0.4044.138 Windows 32 Bit.
Here you can find the corresponding Chromium test application for download (unzip 2x and run the cefclient.exe in the "Release" folder) which is currently used in SiteKiosk 9.8.5463 (Chromium 81.0.4044.138 Windows 32 Bit):
- For testing it in the Internet Explorer Webbrowser Control (outside / without SiteKiosk) you can download a ZIP from our web page and then execute the exe after extracting the files (you do not need to install anything):
Here a PDF with further descriptions and a link to a Webbrowser Control test application:

Michael Olbrich