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Support Request: Application display issue


We have an application that we would like to AutoStart on our kiosks. When we run the app without Site Kiosk it displays full screen properly. When Site Kiosk starts the app the app doesn't consume the whole screen leaving a horizontal bar, which is the site kiosk WIN8 desktop, at the bottom. Sometimes I'm able to get it to work when we start site kiosk once for testing but never when we configure the AutoStart.

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Re: Application display issue 9/25/2020 3:06 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Generally SiteKiosk has no influence how an external application starts. See more from our FAQ post:

You could set the restricted user account into Unprotected mode to test the application there or run it once for reference. Here are the steps to unprotect (Unprotected status) and re-protect (Protected status):

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Re: Application display issue 9/25/2020 5:18 PM
In testing, the results are telling me different since it's consistently changing the display of the app only when it is loaded with Site Kiosk. We don't not experience this when we autostart the app without SiteKiosk. Something is happening here. We can't use the local sitekiosk account as the device needs to access domain resources with a domain account. We are telling Site Kiosk to login to the machine with a domain account for this. Is it possible we also need to tell site kiosk to use the same account to execute the app?
Re: Application display issue 9/25/2020 7:20 PM

Thank you for your follow up. Since you may need domain access for your application, you could run SiteKiosk in Auto Start using the Customized button on the Quick Start Menu. If you click the green Auto Start button SiteKiosk will use the local restricted user account. You can follow these steps:

• Open Start SiteKiosk in your admin user account, this can be found in Windows Start Menu, using Windows Search bar or after saving your configuration file intending to run SiteKiosk. Some domain users will need to use "Run As Administrator".

• In SiteKiosk Quick Start menu, select Customize.

• Ensure the most current Configuration file is chosen.

• Select the radio button, Run SiteKiosk automatically.

• Check/Uncheck Settings only apply to restricted account, dependent on using another account.

• Check/uncheck Disable Keyboard input, note when using a domain account, if account login fails, keyboard entry is blocked.

• Check Log in automatically at system startup. Then click Settings on the same line.

• Enter the domain and credentials of the other account to be used.

• Click Ok.

• Then click Ok to finalize your settings.

• Click Yes to restart the computer.

Hopefully this helps.

Best regards,
Re: Application display issue 9/25/2020 8:10 PM
Yes, we were able to figure out the startup using a domain account via the online doc. Our main issues right now are a dll error on autostart and the application display size. We have exhausted the online resources and were hoping that Proviso would have more insight as to what is happening during the startup process to cause these issues. This is the third day that we are using a trial and error method by changing one thing at a time at re-testing.
Re: Application display issue 9/25/2020 8:22 PM

Thank you for your feedback. We are not exactly certain what would cause this issue as this is not a normal window behavior or it could be a combability problem. You could send us an email with details on how we can observe your application (not by remote support) to support-america(at)

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