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Support Request: Upgrade issue


I currently running SiteRemote 6.1.4781. I am trying to upgrade to and running into some issues. AM I able to upgrade directly or is there a specifc upgrade path I need to follow?

I have a DEV server that I am trying the upgrade on first. The server has the previous version installed but is not connected to any active DB or anything, its just to test the installation process.

1. When I run the installer it fails with error "Windows authentication is not allowed for a remote database. Use an SQL User instead." This is if I use the Typical installation option which does prompt for any login. When I try Custom, I get error connecting to database.

2. If I try to uninstall the previous version and strat from scratch I get an error on the uninstall.

"The wizard was interrupted before SiteRemote Server could be completely installed. Your system has not be modified. "

Can I get some help with the upgrade? I would like to get it down so it can be seemless when I deploy on the production server.

Answer: (2)

Re: Upgrade issue 9/25/2020 8:40 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Can you try running any pending Windows updates and run the installation from a standard user and not the Administrator user on Windows Server? For connecting to your database, you will need to reach out to your database administrator on the connection parameters. Here is the server installation guide you can review: (Pages 2 and 8).

Best regards,
Re: Upgrade issue 9/28/2020 3:38 PM

I would like to add this important note:

You cannot do an update installation or uninstallation of SiteRemote Server when there is no connection to the SQL database. You should backup your database first before any of the mentioned operations.

Best regards,