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Support Request: License retraction


Courier has lost the last pc we sent out so we need to re-assign the license key
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to install onto the replacement pc. Can you advise how we do this or can you action it for us?

Answer: (2)

Re: License retraction 10/15/2020 2:16 PM
actually dont bother- the courier has just found it
Re: License retraction 10/15/2020 2:33 PM

I am glad that the computer has been found. If something like this happens again:
In general, a SiteKiosk license is not tied to a specific computer.
Also see:
So you usually can reinstall SiteKiosk on another machine when necessary but need to uninstall SiteKiosk from the old machine before.

However, in order to prevent any license abuse in case a computer is lost or stolen, you should contact our sales department by e-mail or phone in these cases.
Here the contact details:

Michael Olbrich