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Soporte de pedidos: Print .PDFs rather than opening them


Is it possible to print a .pdf document instead of opening the document then printing it?

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Re: Print .PDFs rather than opening them 16/09/2020 23:20

Thank for your inquiry. This is not possible from SiteKiosk alone. You may consider external application solutions where a command line argument can be initiated from SiteKiosk to do this.

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Re: Print .PDFs rather than opening them 17/09/2020 21:29
While this feature is not built into SiteKiosk, you can use a free third-party solution as a work around to accomplish this. More info: In SiteKiosk, this solution will create a button link in the list of applications that will print the doc when you click it. You can create as many entries as you need. You can also use this solution with the SiteKiosk Start Screen start page template. Please note we cannot provide additional support for third-party applications.

To use this solution in SiteKiosk, do the following:

1. Download and save the file PDFtoPrinter.exe file at the link below on the SiteKiosk machine to the location "C:\Users\Public\".

PDFtoPrinter.exe download ->

2. You will also want to save all of the PDFs that you want print at the location "C:\Users\Public\" as well. That way you do not need to enter the entire path to the file when adding it.
3. Open the SiteKiosk configuration editor and go to >Basic >Applications and click the Add button.
4. In the command line box enter the following path. The first part points to the PDFtoPrinter.exe app and the second part is the file name of the PDF to print (in this case the file name is test.pdf). You will need to change test.pdf to match the file name of the pdf you want to print.

C:\Users\Public\PDFtoPrinter.exe test.pdf

5. Enter the text in the Title box you want the user to see as the caption.
6. Click ok and save your configuration to test. The print job will be sent to the Windows default printer. Please note that in Autostart SiteKiosk runs under a different Windows user. If you get different behavior between Start Once and Autostart modes, you will need to check the print settings in the SiteKiosk Windows user account.