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Support Request: Site Kiosk not printing


We have 4 different computer running Site Kiosk and 3 of them are working fine. No changes have been made to any of the 4 computers. This morning 1 computer cannot print pdfs when in site kiosk. When we test without site kiosk pdfs printed normally. Just wanted to see if you guys have any insight on why something like this might started to happen. Have you seen something like this? Is it something within site kiosk I need to change for this to start working again?

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Re: Site Kiosk not printing 16/04/2019 22:25
Is there an error when you try to print? What is the behavior? Do you know what might have changed on the machine that is not longer working properly? SiteKiosk does not update itself so something else must have changed. If you exit out and log in as Windows admin can you print PDFs from IE? What version number of SiteKiosk are you running?