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Support Request: Start Page not loading after upgrade version



I have some PC's here that were runnning an old version of SiteKiosk, and probably other Licenses as well... Then I overwrote to a newer version and it's respective license. Now when I try to Start SiteKiosk it's not loading my home page, even though it's correctly configured.

It says: "A start page is either not defined or is unreachable"

Help please.

Réponse: (2)

Re: Start Page not loading after upgrade version 10/06/2019 16:33
Solved my problem following this step that I found in another request.

"open the registry and go to HKLM\software\provisio\sitekiosk and make sure that ShowQuickStart and ShowStartSettings are both set to 1 and not to 0."


Re: Start Page not loading after upgrade version 11/06/2019 09:11

Thank you for your feedback and good to hear the issue is solved.

Generally these registry settings have nothing to do with loading the start page but just for displaying the Quick Start dialog when starting SiteKiosk.
The Start Page URL will be configured in the SiteKiosk configuration at “-->Start Page & Browser”:

Michael Olbrich