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Support Request: Touch Screen Warning


Hello, we are getting the following warning when we attempt to view/launch SiteKiosk.

Your SiteKiosk license does not cover all [Plug-Ins]/Features that were activated in the configuration.
Shareware restrictions will apply as long as these [Plug-Ins]/Features remain active:

Touch Screen

This keeps looping in a circle with the registration page ... we register, it says our registration is complete and then the warning pops up again.

Any advice?

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Re: Touch Screen Warning 16/10/2019 19:36

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. The reason behind your error message is because your license is for SiteKiosk Basic and you are trying to use the on-screen keyboard. That feature is for SiteKiosk Plus. You can upgrade your license for $60 by contacting our sales team by email: Please be mindful not to post any licensing information here in the public forum.

Best regards.