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Support Request: Keep on screen keyboard open


Hi. We are looking for a Windows kiosk woftware which allows us to automatically open a session with just one browser and tab opened, disallowed to change the website, disallow to open any other program or windows menu, reopen the browser if it crashes, and the most importante one, keep the Windows on screen keyboard open. We found several programs for all the requisites but they block also de keyboard and the PC nca't be used with a touch screen. We need the software to allow the keyboard and even force it to be always opened.

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Re: Keep on screen keyboard open 16/10/2019 20:01

Thank you for submitting you inquiry. With the SiteKiosk Plus version, you will be able to use the onscreen keyboard and with the advanced options, can set the position or keep the keyboard on the screen. SiteKiosk is able to meet all of the other prerequisites identified. Please send an email to our sales team with your request for a demo license.

Best regards.
Re: Keep on screen keyboard open 18/10/2019 11:37
Which languages do your keyboard support? If I install it on a portuguese PC, will the keyboard be adjusted to portuguese keyboard?
Re: Keep on screen keyboard open 18/10/2019 15:24

That is correct. Here is an excerpt from our help page. You can read more about what our on-screen keyboard can offer:

"Dynamic change of (language) layout-
SiteKiosk comes with keyboards that let you switch between all languages configured in Windows while SiteKiosk is running on the respective computer. These keyboards include the International and Natural varieties, which support nearly all world languages. "

Two more things, Windows keyboard is not compatible with SiteKiosk, meaning they will not run at the same time. In case, you need to use say command prompt tool while SiteKiosk is running then you will need to exit SiteKiosk completely or check out our service. To exit SiteKiosk when no external keyboards are present you will touch each corner of the screen one at a time. See Help link (section 1.5 and 1.6) :

Best regards.