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Support Request: Problem with the instalation of Sitekiosk9


I have a problem with a installing application. The error in the attachment.
Best Regards,
Izabela Koszela

Réponse: (1)

Re: Problem with the instalation of Sitekiosk9 17/10/2019 14:29

For legal reasons, the files vnc.dll and vnchooks.dll, which are used for the remote desktop component of SiteRemote, are downloaded during the installation of SiteKiosk.
This download is done over a normal http connection.

It seems that the download is blocked on your computer or the machine is offline.

If you don’ need the RDP feature just chose the option to not download the DLLs during the installation.

Otherwise you can also later download DLLs by running the program "UVNCInstaller.exe" (in the folder "...\SiteKiosk\SiteRemote") or copy them from another SiteKiosk computer (same SiteKiosk version) where they have already been downloaded.
The DLLs can be copied / uploaded manually or via SiteRemote order to the directory "...\SiteKiosk\SiteRemote".

Michael Olbrich