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Support Request: Browsing Speed Very Slow


We are using the Site Kiosk software on a Windows 10 computer and the only thing that users can access is an web application. We are using the plus version utilizing the onscreen keyboard that auto hides. We are not using any content filters and we are using Chrome for the browser. Are there any settings that can speed up performance. Also it takes about 10 minutes for Site Kiosk to start when using the restricted user account.

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Re: Browsing Speed Very Slow 21/10/2019 22:01

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. You may be experiencing a slower performance due to your hardware. You can find more information at our help link: Also you may have additional programs like antivirus or other domain security services that may need to load before SiteKiosk starts. You can look at your startup services list in Task Manager. Hopefully this helps.

Best regards.
Re: Browsing Speed Very Slow 22/10/2019 14:57
I switched the browser from Chrome to Internet Explorer and that seemed to improve the performance considerably. The on-screen keyboard still seems a little slow.
Re: Browsing Speed Very Slow 22/10/2019 17:29

As SiteKiosk is a secure browser, generally any browser content can run slower when inside of SiteKiosk due to all the security features. Usually, it does not slow down the browser significantly. You can expect the performance to be similar in the browser outside of SiteKiosk versus in the browser inside of SiteKiosk. The performance depends largely on the performance of the Windows system, the underlying hardware and also, of course, on the network connection because SiteKiosk deletes the cache each time on logout or screen saver activation.

As you mentioned, SiteKiosk also provides two different browser engines for you to use. The browser choice in case of the pages you are using, render better in one over the other. Which may be the situation in this case, based on your testing.

Best Regards.