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Support Request: Setting up SiteRemote


I'd like to test SiteRemote now that I have my initial installation of SiteKiosk working but I'm a little confused on the steps. I signed up and received the sign-up email notice. Logged in, and it suggests I need to install the client version of SiteKiosk on the kiosk system. However the download I'm taken to is the exact same version that is showing as "installed" on my client system (9.7.5026)

I wanted to MAKE SURE before doing that because I spent so much time setting up the original install. I don't want to overwrite anything with a new install. My guess is all configurations are kept in either a separate file or simple, XML or database, but I just want to be sure. Doesn't make sense that it's taking me to the same exact download I originally installed does it?

Chris Blair

Réponse: (1)

Re: Setting up SiteRemote 24/10/2019 15:26
You may be referring to a general notice you get when logging in to SiteRemote the first time. You can just continue with registering the client on your current installation under "Remote Monitoring" in the SiteKiosk configuration editor. You do not need to reinstall SiteKiosk.