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Support Request: Microsoft Edge Support


Good Morning,

I was hoping if I could get assistance with our Kiosk setup. When I use chrome, it will not print pdf's correctly, but it will if I use IE. However, when I use IE the website our users are allowed to visit shows a warning that they will not support IE when Microsoft ends Windows 7 support at the end of this year. I was wondering either one of two things, would you be able to assist in troubleshooting why Chrome does not handle the pdf's correctly, or show me how to use Edge instead of IE?

Réponse: (1)

Re: Microsoft Edge Support 24/10/2019 17:59

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. You are able to print PDF in Chrome. Unfortunately there is no support for using Edge at this time. Allowing it, would pose a security risk for the use of your kiosk. Instead you can allow the use of external Adobe software if you do not wish to use SiteKiosk Chrome browser to print your PDF. You must download the file first. There are a few steps to make this possible in SiteKiosk configuration:

SiteKiosk Configuration -

-Under Applications - Add the path to the Adobe Reader Application.
-Under Files and Downloads - Allow downloads. Then change the behavior for pdf files under File Actions. You can simply use to the application path to Adobe.
-Under Logout - You can select the check mark to delete those downloaded files as a Logout procedure when screensaver is activated.

After that, test your settings in Auto Start mode. Let us know if this did not work.

Best regards.