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Support Request: Screen content doesn't come up after sleep


I'm using SiteKiosk on Windows 10 system to set it to tablet mode. I have done the configurations & started in 'Auto Start' mode.
I'm running a url with IE browser.(due to some content rendering issue, I can't use Chrome)

It all works at start, but the screen doesn't display contents after screen comes on after sleep. (I have sleep settings to switch off monitor at night time.)
To give more details: SiteKiosk is running, the monitor is on, but not showing the content on the screen.

When I connected to the machine with remote connectivity(using teamviewer) it started showing content.(just remote login only, no other action).
I suspect this is due to IE browser settings that I missed.

I have set 'blank' screen saver to activate in 90,000 seconds. Ideally this should never get activated as its more than the seconds per day. I set this to disable screen saver getting activated.

Please help for a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Screen content doesn't come up after sleep 25/10/2019 15:39

Thank you for submitting your support request. You can check to make sure that the option Sleep -> Allow wake timers is activated in the advanced power settings of the Windows Control Panel and also check that your Windows does not use Fast Boot (Windows 8) or Fast Startup (Windows 10). Both options prevent your computer from doing a regular shutdown and can even influence the monitor off / on feature in SiteKiosk.

Further information:

Best regards.
Re: Screen content doesn't come up after sleep 29/10/2019 07:10
Thank you for the information.
I have checked in the system, Fast Startup is disabled in the system and Sleep -> Allow wake timers enabled.
However the monitor doesn't come up till I do a remote connectivity. It's strange.

Any other suggestion or workaround I could try?
Re: Screen content doesn't come up after sleep 29/10/2019 16:24

Thank you for checking those settings.

1. How are you actually setting the monitor off features? Is it sleep/wake with Windows settings or monitors on/off settings in the SiteKiosk Maintenance options.

2. If you should remove the monitor on/off schedule under the maintenance settings in SiteKiosk, can you check to ensure that nothing else is interfering with your system?

After you have checked everything, and the sleep/wake or monitor on/off calls do not seem to be working properly there could be another component of the system interfering with that. Or if you have the option in the BIOS to set a boot up schedule, you could just use the shutdown option in SiteKiosk and have the BIOS boot the PC at the desired time instead. Second to that, you can use the restart option in SiteKiosk maintenance without making any BIOS changes. Hopefully this helps.

Best regards,
Re: Screen content doesn't come up after sleep 31/10/2019 10:11
Thanks Andre,

1.) Monitor off features handled by SiteKiosk Maintenance options - monitor on/off. No Windows settings involved.
(As I mentioned earlier, similar monitor on/off setup works for another system having Windows 10 and same configurations except for that it uses chrome browser in SiteKiosk instead of IE in this system)

2.) Before I introduce monitor on/off, system running overnight without issues. So I don't see anything else interfering here.

However, As you suggested I have setup the restart option in SiteKiosk maintenance. Finally it worked !

Thanks a lot for your support.