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Support Request: Can't register sitekiosk


We extended our licenses for Sitekisk and Siteremote in August 2019 for another year and now we needed to install another sitekiosk-computer but got an errormessage when doing the registration.

"The period for free updates included in your Sitekiosk license has expired. This version of Sitekiosk cannot be registered with this license. Please use a previous Sitekiosk version or buy an update in our online store".

Since we extend our licenses that should include a valid license key, right?

Réponse: (1)

Re: Can't register sitekiosk 25/10/2019 09:29

Generally SiteKiosk licenses can be added offline to license a new SiteKiosk installation.

But when entering a SiteKiosk license (name & code) that you purchased a maintenance for, in a newer SiteKiosk version than the original license was issued for, you need to make sure that the SiteKiosk computer has connection to the Internet (as SiteKiosk needs to check it with our license server then)

Michael Olbrich