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Support Request: login and info



I have two old sitekiosk licenses that I want to add to my newest purchase of 4 sitekiosk and 6 sitecloud licenses. Can you arrange this to be in the same login accunt? My email addressees are ssukman(at), ssukman(at) and stephen.sukman(at) I woudl use stephen.sukman@wacom as my default sitekiosk account.

Secondly, how do I get the sitecloud going? is there a login area I am missing as I do not see anything off your web site. I did use it for my other two licenses that were purchased last year, but on password recovery, your system does not recognize my email addresses for the sitecloud (had a trial before)

I see this site through a google search, is this where I login for sitecloud setup?

I have two sitekiosk systems that I have remotely and was managing using real VNC. I now have purchased 4 more sitekiosk licenses and 6 sitecloud for remote management. I saved a copy of the sitekiosk profile to copy to the other 4 machines that I have at the office but not sure how to copy these files to get them working. I used your base template and modified it for my own use and saved it as a new file.

But now when i go to a new system and try and open it, or import it, it does not have any of the info at all. I am a little confused on the process and wondering if you have a good guide for me. I have watched a couple of videos on your support but they are not clear for my situation and I don't know the software well enough, nor do i want to learn it like that :). I just want to copy and install and get these computers running and have them all set for remote management. Can you assist?


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Re: login and info 28/10/2019 18:12

Please send your licensing request to our sales team by email: . You can use if that is your preferred language. Or you can use the English version You cannot use both. You can activate your Siteremote license in the Administrations tab. Also to register your kiosk with SiteRemote account, you need to create an account. Then in SiteKiosk configuration on each device you will need to enter your SiteRemote web address, username and password. There is a help link to the top right corner of the SiteRemote page. You can find many resources there.

In addition please see this Dev Blog post on distributing your start screen with SiteRemote.

Best regards.