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Support Request: Allow bank website strong authentication



We have problem allowing bank website strong authentication in Sitekiosk. We use allowed-list and it works good with bank websites and users can login their online-banks and make payments. But now we have to allow strong authentication for multiple banks and the sitekiosk blocks that. The strong authentication redirects to many subsites like or and we have tried *.* and * to allow but sitekiosk blocks it. Do you know answer to this problem or have you crossed this problem before?

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Re: Allow bank website strong authentication 30/10/2019 13:49

As far as I can see from your description this has nothing to do with strong authentication but only with the Surfing Area settings.

When restricting the access to certain web pages with the Surfing Area settings SiteKiosk does compare the URL of the web page you access (or called by any script code in web pages you access) with the URLs you added as allowed to URLs/Paths in the SiteKiosk configuration (it is just a string comparison).

For allowing the URLs and with one entry you can use wildcards.
e.g. choose *:// for the protocol and ** or even ** for the URL.

Otherwise you need to check the SiteKiosk log and compare the blocking entries closely with the URLs you allowed.
When the URL will be blocked by your Surfing Area settings you will have entries like this in the log:

[SiteKiosk] Notification: According to the surf area rules the navigation to  XYZ was canceled.

Further information about the Surfing Area settings here:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Allow bank website strong authentication 31/10/2019 09:55

Thanks for reply. We will check the logs for blocked sites and hopefully solve the problem