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Support Request: HKCU key mappings not working under Restricted User Account


On a Mesa2 Windows 10 tablet.
There are two accounts:One with admin rights, the other is the SiteKiosk restricted user account.

There are P Key mappings, where the information is stored in the windows registry under HKCU.

The key mappings work under the admin account.

The key mappings do NOT work under the restricted user account.

What could be blocking the key mapping from working under the restricted user account?

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Re: HKCU key mappings not working under Restricted User Account 30/10/2019 19:47

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. We would generally stay away from registry edits due to high risk factor. In your case, HKEY_CURRENT_USER contains configuration information for Windows and software specific to the currently logged in user (it is not applicable to any other users). To make said changes in the Restricted account, you will need to de-restrict it. See FAQ posts on those steps Hope this helps.

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