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Support Request: Touch Screen not working


Hi, my touch screen monitor isn't working correctly in the Kiosk. The touch screen works fine when logged in as the administrator account, it also works when logged in as the Site Kiosk Restricted User Account. It works fine if I log into the Restricted account and run SiteKiosk manually, but when I try using Autostart the touch screen does not work. If I use a keyboard to exit kiosk mode the touch screen starts working and will continue working if I run Site Kiosk manually. If I try the Autostart option again the touch screen stops working. Keyboard and mouse works fine regardless, but for this setup we need touch.

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Re: Touch Screen not working 31/10/2019 14:46

Thank you for sending your inquiry. I reviewed your files and tested them but was unable to replicate your scenario. We can do some test on your end to determine the true cause.

1. Since this only applies to the restricted account, there may be a software or driver for your monitor that SiteKiosk is blocking. We can de-restrict/unprotect that account and launch SiteKiosk to see if the problem is still there. At times, running your software once while in unprotected mode can solve some driver errors. Test again in protected mode to see if the issue persist. You can find detailed steps in using our System Security Manager:

2. If the touch screen is still unresponsive after that re-protecting the restricted account, we can check the Window Event logs to see if there are any driver errors.

3. If you do not see anything there, check the manufacturer's manual or website for those who may encounter a similar issue.

Please let me know the outcome.

Best regards,
Re: Touch Screen not working 01/11/2019 01:21
Hi, the issue is not caused by the restriction of the account as when logging into the account and running sitekiosk manually the touch screen works fine. It's only when activating the "Auto Start" mode that the touch doesn't work. Just to confirm this I have unrestricted the account using the instructions provided and the symptoms are exactly the same. Logging on with the restricted account manually the touch screen works, even when running SiteKiosk via the shortcut on the desktop the touch screen continues to work. However when using the Auto mode to restart the PC into the restricted user account the touch screen doesn't work at all.

I can provide you with logs from the event viewer if you can specify which ones you need.

Re: Touch Screen not working 01/11/2019 16:20

Thank you for reporting your findings. I would like to ask a few more questions.

1. System Security Manager - Do you get the same results in Protected vs Unprotected mode?

2. Can you create another standard user account and test SiteKiosk in Start Once and AutoStart Mode?
To AutoStart SiteKiosk with another user, follow these steps:
- Configure SiteKiosk and save your configuration file and exit SiteKiosk.
- Select "Start SiteKiosk" from your Windows programs menu.
- Select "Customized" then click OK.
- Select the radio button labeled "Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup" and choose "Autostart with shell replacement" from the dropdown.
- Uncheck the box labeled "Settings only apply to the restricted user account".
- Check the box labeled "Log on automatically at system startup". Click "Settings" and enter the new user account credentials.
- Click OK then click Yes when prompted to reboot. After rebooting, you should see the Windows logon screen then after logging into a user SiteKiosk will start.

3. What is the model of your monitor?

4. Something to note, Autostart mode is where the Windows shell is replaced. Some applications/drivers do not run optimally if the Windows shell is replaced. Starting with Windows 8 and higher, it is not possible to run SiteKiosk in Autostart without shell replacement.

Best regards,