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Support Request: DENIPKIOSK - contact information, price offer for updating licence


Hello partner,

i would like to introduce myself. My name is Marek Nawrath and i work in sales for DENIPKIOSK. I would like to continue to work with Provisio as established by my predecessors (Daniel Mitura and Jan Lorenc) who no longer work for us. Unfortunately when i tried to contact you via e-mail (from adress produkty(at) it went to spam.

Right now i have a question from a customer who have 2 licences for SiteKiosk version 7 a would like to upgrade to a newest version. Can you give me a price offer? Or should i order throught E-shop?

Thank you

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Re: DENIPKIOSK - contact information, price offer for updating licence 31/10/2019 13:08

this forum is for technical questions regarding SiteKiosk. Sales related questions should be directed at our sales department:

Your request has been forwarded to our sales team, who will contact you.