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Support Request: Android - Logout



We are testing Sitekiosk Android on a SAMSUNG, Galaxy Tab A 32GB 10.5" (SM-T595NZKATPH), Andoid 9.
We are using "SiteCaster" aplication. We have created a button that "navigates when pressed" to the Screensaver page, in order to "Log Out".
After deactivating the screensaver (by touch) the data is not erased (ex: Gmail account is still there).

Can you help us?
Thank you

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Re: Android - Logout 06/11/2019 17:22

you need to configure the screensaver time in your SiteCaster project (under Settings -> Content settings). Just navigating to the screensaver page does not trigger the deletion of any data. Also make sure that you have configured the appropriate screensaver settings in the configuration of SiteKiosk Android that are applied once the screensaver time has been reached.