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Support Request: Transfer volume nearly exhausted


This is first time we have seen this is 6 years. What data is actually transferred between the clients and the server itself? Is it only log files or some other factors? How much data is allocated with our license?

Currently we have 24 active clients reporting back to SiteRemote, and from what the current license information I have been able to gather, is that each client is currently only transferring roughly over 1MB a day.

License was activated 3/12/2013 and has seen a total of 48.83GB of data. It also states that there is 9.74GB data transfer volume remaining. So I am assuming we have a 60 GB license, but at this rate we have around 6+ months left. So why am I getting an alert that I only have less than a week left?

Also, if we purchased the same license again, we would get around 4.5 months. Looking for any clarity or assistance on how to move forward.


Réponse: (2)

Re: Transfer volume nearly exhausted 06/12/2019 18:52
Based on the screenshot, it looks like you are running SiteRemote Server on premises. This message relates to your team or account licenses and can be edited by you in the SiteRemote Administration settings but does not refer to the SiteRemote license that you purchased. You are seeing these options since this is the same software used at the hosted version where users sign up for individual accounts. To do this, search for your team in the admin interface ( then in the "Licenses" column click the "Edit" button. You can edit your existing license by clicking the edit icon that looks like a pencil and paper. Change the expiration date to one that will not expire in the near future. While you are in this interface click the edit icon next to the "Traffic" row in the Team account table. You can then, for example, add 20,000 GB of transfer volume and will not have to replenish transfer volume for some time.

Traffic is used by the transfer of log file data, uploading files, publishing digital signage, using the VNC repeater connection (not teredo). In this case, since it has been several years since you replenished that on the back end, the allotted transfer volume has been exhausted.

The current version of SiteRemote Server has an option to add unlimited traffic volume. Please contact us at sales-america(at) for a quote to update your SiteRemote Server to the current version which will also renew your support and updates for another 12 months.
Re: Transfer volume nearly exhausted 06/12/2019 20:10
This worked perfectly, thanks!