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Support Request: Disable on screen keyboard


I have updated Windows 7 to the latest version (I know support stops in January but this is a standalone kiosk not connected to the internet) and I now get an small tab on the left of the screen that pulls out the on-screen keyboard despite the fact that the on-screen keyboard is disabled within SiteKiosk. There is no requirement for the user to enter anything into the kiosk, all navigation is done by buttons on screen.

I have read that maybe Windows is in a "tablet mode" and so puts the keyboard on screen. How do I disable the on-screen keyboard?

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Re: Disable on screen keyboard 10/12/2019 11:00

The integrated onscreen keyboard of SiteKiosk works independently from the Windows OSK and user account and can be activated or deactivated in the SiteKiosk configuration:

But SiteKiosk has no influence on the Windows onscreen keyboard.
SiteKiosk does not activate or block it.
It is a feature provided by Windows and the behavior and activation of the Windows onscreen keyboard depends on the Windows version and settings (e.g. on Window 7 by the “Tablet PC Input Service” that will be installed through the Windows Features).

I would suggest checking the Windows settings / services in regards to the Windows onscreen keyboard.
Also note that Windows settings can be user dependent and might need to be enabled/changed for the user you run SiteKiosk under.
The difference in “Auto Start” mode is that SiteKiosk starts with the restricted SiteKiosk user account and with shell replacement.
FAQ: How to change user dependent Windows settings of the SiteKiosk user

Michael Olbrich