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Запрос поддержки: new install


Will like to use siteremote to all of our kiosk pc, what is the best way to enable one or two for testing before we purchase. or can we add all kiosk for testing then [urchase.
thank you

Ответ: (3)

Re: new install 23.10.2019 21:32
You can add up to 50 systems running SiteKiosk for testing in your 30-day free trial account at www.siteremote.net. Your trial account will also let you publish SiteCaster CMS content on one display for testing.
Re: new install 23.10.2019 21:34
I see it uses vnc, any other way protocol to rdp to these kiosk... network team blocks all vnc connections and this route wont work
Re: new install 23.10.2019 22:09
There is not another way to remotely control the desktop through SiteRemote other than the remote desktop VNC feature. Keep in mind that remoting into the PC is not a main feature of SiteRemote. If you use the Jobs feature of SiteRemote, you can batch out tasks to send to all kiosks. If you have another remote login tool that you want to use, you should still be able to use that to remote into SiteKiosk.