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Запрос поддержки: remote help with sitekiosk


Can you help remotely to my PC? Which programm is needed?
Is it possible?
There are two question - I can't connected network drive via sitekiosk, and create te second link for email

Ответ: (1)

Re: remote help with sitekiosk 20.07.2020 12:02

You can use SiteRemote to remotely monitor and manage the SiteKiosk software:

For using a network share you should map the network path as Network drive on Windows first and then add the corresponding drive letter to the File Manager in the SiteKiosk configuration.
As mapping a network folder is a user dependent setting > In Auto Start mode SiteKiosk uses the SiteKiosk user account and you need to map the network drive while logged in as SiteKiosk user.
Please also see here:

For answering the second question I would more details.

If you need clarification for a setting on one of the configuration pages of SiteKiosk please click the blue question mark button that is available on nearly all of the pages in the configuration and links you to the page of the help file that deals with the exact settings of that page.

Here you can find the complete online help:

Please understand that our fee support doesn’t include any installation service or remote desktop assistance. Provisio is a software engineering company. We do not sell or install kiosk terminals on site.
If you need someone to set up and configure SiteKiosk for you, you may look for a solution provider at your location on our partner site:

Michael Olbrich