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Запрос поддержки: Bad_start


Dear Provisio,

I have purchased a sitekiosk plus program from you. I have a few technical questions in connection with it.
I’m running it on a Dell Oltiplex 3070 computer on Windows 10. We’re using it for an outdoor information terminal and the monitor is set in it.

My 1st question:

I set the computer (BIOS) to turn on at 8 in the morning, but I have realized that the program doesn’t start right. In these cases I reset the portrait mode again in Windows, I save it then I set auto start in the sitekiosk. After I do these it restarts and runs perfectly.

In the evenings to stop it I use the task scheduler.

I’ll attach a photo of the error.

2nd question:

I set a background that doesn’t load in portrait mode, just in landscape.

What could be the reason of it?

Thank you,

Peter Rhedi

Ответ: (1)

Re: Bad_start 24.09.2020 12:42

For this scenario you should proceed as follows:
1. Exit SiteKiosk (Log Off and deactivate start settings)
2. Login to the Admin account and set the Windows display to portrait.
3. Delete the Task Scheduler setting for shutting down the machine (>>In the evenings to stop it I use the task scheduler.<<)
4. Open the SiteKiosk configuration and use the settings at “Maintenance” to configure the machine to shut down in the evening.

You should also deactivate Hibernate mode under Windows (e.g. using command line: powercfg /h off) to make sure Windows really shuts down the system.

5. Deactivate any sleep settings on Windows.

6. Start SiteKiosk and choose “Auto Start” and then reboot:

Michael Olbrich