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I have a script for get information about the BIOS Passsword only if have or not, but I don´t know How I can return this information to Console or by emial or something that allow me review the script result. Please let me know if exist some procedure for this issue.

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Re: Get information about BIOS password 14.09.2021 21:34

The answer for this can be found here:

But if you can run a command or program that can save an easily readable file with your results, then it is possible. So, then using a script job that uses JavaScript in combination with WScript to read the file and then the Object Model code example in the link below to write it to the logs. Or by doing so with a C# application in combination with the Run executable job. By writing to the SiteKiosk logs, will transmit it to SiteRemote. Then, a custom report that can be developed and generated on SiteRemote, then emailed to the administrator.

Dev Blog Post:

This will be considered a paid customization. Please reach out to support-america(at) with your project details.

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