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Support Request: Can't Print Within SiteKiosk



We have a client that we deployed SiteKiosk for Windows to their Kiosk machines. We have Office Suite added as allowed applications on this computer so you can open them and make word and excel documents. When you try to print, it will not print within these programs when they are being used through SiteKiosk. It will also not print a webpage when within the Browser. In the configuration settings, printing is allowed in the browser settings. I added the Printer to the Print monitoring section within the printer section because not having it setup did not work either. Nothing will print when SiteKiosk is open. I can print just fine from a Windows Desktop. Please advise how to resolve this issue.

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Re: Can't Print Within SiteKiosk 4/13/2021 11:03 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. I would like to clarify that SiteKiosk does not control printing in third party or external applications. SiteKiosk uses the default printer selected on the Windows system. If the printing does not work with your applications, then the only possible factors could be that you are using a domain access printer. Have you tested SiteKiosk in both Start Once (admin user) or Auto Start (restricted SiteKiosk user) modes? Any printers you plan to use with SiteKiosk, will need to be installed locally via TCP/IP or USB. See Printer Setup on our Help File link:

Otherwise, please send a copy of your configuration file as well as any steps to replicate the issue you are having. Please include the brand and the model information of that printer. The email address is support-america(at) .

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Re: Can't Print Within SiteKiosk 5/20/2021 8:25 PM
An email was sent to the regarding this inquiry. Please let us know if you need any further information from this issue.

Re: Can't Print Within SiteKiosk 5/20/2021 9:37 PM

Thank you for your files. I have tested your configuration file in both Start Once and Auto Start modes and printing worked well. Have you tried to investigate if the SiteKiosk user (Alias: SiteKiosk Restricted User Account [created after SiteKiosk install]) has this printer installed? The default password is "provisio" and can be changed with the System Security Manager application (Customized option). See the instructions to "Unprotect" that user here -

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