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Support Request: Web Page Error


Some of the P{ages are not displayed or behaving as they should, if ran the same web pages outside os site kiosk, working as expected,

as seen on the attached image the boxes I should be able to move into the right places but when running under site kiosk mode can not move them,

Running Windows 10 pro 64bit
Sitekiosk x86 9.6.8032
Internet Explorer as start up page

Answer: (1)

Re: Web Page Error 4/30/2021 3:32 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. SiteKiosk 9.6 is out of support. Try updating SiteKiosk to see if the issue is the same (updated license might be required after testing; test on alt machine if possible). The issue you have could be web page rending due to website built for Chrome. You could try switching to Chrome browser to observe the behavior.

You are currently working with Start Screen [C:\Users\Public\SiteKiosk\content (the entire folder)], we would not be able to see your links unless you send them to us or send a copy of the zipped folder to support-america(at) referencing this post.

Best regards,