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Support Request: license issue


We purchased 4 licenses last Sept 2019, we have only used 1 license, see info below. I don't know what version is that, I believe it is 9 because we have installed previously in one desktop.

License key:
[deleted by Administrator - Note: Submissions will be entered in the public support forum. Do not post any personal data such as passwords or software license information.]

When I register the info above , I got the attached issue. PLS help, thanks

Answer: (1)

Re: license issue 6/2/2021 3:22 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. With your license the best you can use v9.8 build 5547 dated August 26, 2020. Licenses are indeed permanent but you are only allowed to use the versions within 12 months of purchase. You can always extend or renew Support and Updates for license after the end of the purchase year.

Version History link:

For more information on updating your license, please send an email to the Sales Team: sales-america(at)

If you are using the right version and you are still getting that message (false negative), please indicate and further instructions will be send by email.

Best regards,