Civil protection with SiteKiosk Online


Civil protection with SiteKiosk Online

27. septiembre 2023

Thanks to the new Katwarn connection, SiteKiosk Online is able to display local and nationwide warnings in Germany and to support civil protection and disaster management

Katwarn is a German early warning programme for civil protection and disaster control, which displays targeted local or supra-regional hazard reports. SiteKiosk Online serves as a Katwarn multiplier and distributes the warnings to the connected kiosk terminals.

The integration of Katwarn messages in SiteKiosk Online will be available in the first half of 2024. The Katwarn connection is particularly suitable for kiosk applications in public or busy places. At these locations, the warnings achieve a particularly high range. People in the vicinity can thus be informed about occurring or existing danger situations and provided with corresponding recommendations for action.

With the integration of Katwarn, SiteKiosk Online can be used as an important measure in indirect civil protection and disaster management in Germany and serves as an effective orientation aid in extreme situations. If, for example, an acute heat warning is sent out, an overview can be displayed on the terminal where free drinking water supply points or even heat shelters can be found.

It will be possible to decide whether critical warnings or general information messages should be displayed.

Initially, the Katwarn connection will be available in Germany. An expansion of the programme for Europe will be disseminated and deployed under the name EUWARN.

The Katwarn connection to kiosk terminals was also successfully tested during the nationwide trial warning day 2023.