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I'm trying to get a unity .exe application to run on a SiteKiosk computer, however whenever the application is run on the restricted account it just won't display in the proper resolution (1920x1080), instead comes out in something that looks like 640x480. Everything works fine when I try it on the admin account.

I'd also like instruction how to simply run the exe file and not use the "Start Screen"-view, if possible.

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Re: Running Unity exe 31/08/2021 08:46

SiteKiosk has no direct influence on external applications but only allows or blocks their execution.
You can check if there are user-dependent settings regarding resolution display in your Unity application by launching it under the SiteKiosk user account without SiteKiosk running.
Here is the information on how to get access (admin rights for the SiteKiosk user should not be necessary):

Here some more information about SiteKiosk and running external applications:

To allow users to run an application, simply add it (them) to the SiteKiosk configuration under 'Applications'. Then the user can start this application from the SiteKiosk start menu (provided you have not hidden the taskbar).
Further information here:

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