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The computer is connected to the internet but when i start site kiosk up I get a popup stating TERMINAL OFFLINE

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Re: Terminal Offline 31/08/2021 11:41

SiteKiosk is just using the network connection provided by Windows.
The terminal offline page is displayed when the start page URL that is setup in the SiteKiosk configuration cannot be loaded for any reason (network or web server issues).

You first should check if the network connection generally works on Windows by using the configured Start Page URL in any other browser on that Windows system and fix it on Windows when there are any problems.

If you need a proxy to get access you can / need to add the proxy information to the SiteKiosk configuration (-->Maintenance-->Connection-->Use proxy server) so that it is also used in “Auto Start” mode (in the SiteKiosk user account).
FAQ “SiteKiosk and proxy server”

Michael Olbrich
Re: Terminal Offline 31/08/2021 11:56
Thank you will try settings and let you know.
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