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When we goto our payment site a pop-up blocker will open and we can click ok. Once this happens a white screen will come up and we then have click the ( X ) to close the window. If we go back to the payment order we can try again and this time it opens fine. I turned off the blocker and added the site into allow for Chrome. Any ideas what I can do next? Thank you for your time on this issues.

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Re: Pop-up Blocker. 03/09/2021 14:54

Thank you for your inquiry. Please send a zip file of your:

-Configuration - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config (*.skcfg files, ignore *.skcfg.local)
-SiteKiosk Log files - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles (yyyy-mm-dd.txt files)
-Video file

to support-america(at) for additional review.

Best regards,
Re: Pop-up Blocker. 08/09/2021 18:38

Thank you for your files. Based on your configuration file, you have Fullscreen mode activated. In Fullscreen mode, SiteKiosk will try to open a second window instead of a tab but then the communication (coding, cookies, session information, etc) between windows are disconnected. You normally will get an "about:blank#blocked" message on the new window.

So, if you are using SiteKiosk Chrome and have a site that needs to open another window, then you have turn off Fullscreen mode. This statement does not apply to websites that open to other complete addresses like this code (you will not get a error message, smaller window will open and stay in the forefront.):

As an alternative to Fullscreen mode, you will need at least these features in the Customize (Chrome Browser):

* Browser Toolbar>>Show Tab Bar & Toggle Tab Bar Button
* Advanced>>Display Taskbar (Uncheck this option)

In your case, since you want to use Start Screen , you can can select this option in Customize (Chrome Browser)>>Settings>>Start New Browser Windows Maximized.

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Re: Pop-up Blocker. 08/09/2021 19:48
I have made the changes and waiting on someone to test them out. Once this is done I will report back. Thank you for your time.
Re: Pop-up Blocker. 08/09/2021 21:26
Good morning Mathew,

After testing the Kiosk computer, the pop-up window message and the blank screen still appears and it will occur after completing an application and going to the invoice screen and then clicking on the make e-payment button to get to the FIS payment screen.

Re: Pop-up Blocker. 08/09/2021 21:33

Please send exact steps to replicate what the user is experiencing including test accounts. There seem to be no other way to replicate this issue you are having. You can send the details to support-america(at)

Best regards,
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