Support Request: SiteKiosk not auto log in and keyboard is locked


After setup Auto Start in Windows 10, SiteKiosk does not auto login, then key board is locked. I have tried to
1. using setup from SiteKiosk
2. setup auto login using netplwiz
3. enter DefaultUserName, Defaultpassword, AutoAdminLogon in registry
All above method doesn't work. Any suggestion?

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Re: SiteKiosk not auto log in and keyboard is locked 30/09/2021 21:54

Thank you for your inquiry. To solve the issue with the keyboard lock is to enter these two combinations right after each other quickly:

Key combination 1
CTRL left + SHIFT right + Backspace
Key combination 2
ALT left + SHIFT right + Delete

Regarding Auto Start mode failing, there might be domain policies or additional security tools affecting the registry settings SiteKiosk can make on your computer. You can then launch "Start SiteKiosk" (Quick Start Menu) with "Run as administrator" before you set the "Auto Start" settings. If that does not work, you may need to look at other security factors within your network.

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