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We are having issues accessing forms on Site Kiosk, when clicking links to the below forms we are getting either a plain blue page or it fails to respond.

Example forms:

We've tested on other devices/networks and the forms load fine here. Its isolated to these machines with the Site Kiosk software. Nothing has changed in the config file or with the sites themselves.

Our network & Desktop teams have investigated and have been unable to identify an issue and have asked us to refer to issue to yourselves for guidance. These are all Windows 7 devices.

Last note from our internal teams:

Carried out testing on-site with Chris and confirmed that this is not a network or security issue, nor an issue with the PCs themselves: If we disable SiteKiosk protection we are able to open these web forms from within IE without issue. Issue reoccurs once SiteKiosk is re-enabled.

Can we get a call logged with SiteKiosk to investigate why these URLs / web buttons do not work with SiteKiosk enabled? I will continue to investigate from my side but this is clearly an issue caused by the application itself.



I haven't got the exact version to hand but the install states Site Kiosk V8 - Im unable to get a hold of the log file until Monday if required.

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Re: Unable to open SCC Web forms 04/10/2021 09:35

usually SiteKiosk does not change at runtime and in the current SiteKiosk version 9.9, the websites worked in the Metro IE skin (still using the IE Webbrowser Control) as well as in the Chrome browser skin.

SiteKiosk 8.x is no longer supported but nevertheless, here are some tips:
SiteKiosk 8.x always uses the IE Webbrowser control of the installed Internet Explorer (including its user-dependent settings).

1. Make sure that the website works in Internet Explorer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe). This is a prerequisite for SiteKiosk 8.x to work. You may also delete the IE cache to make sure that the page is reloaded from the network.
2. Provided that works start SiteKiosk in Start Once mode in the user account where it works in IE.

If it does not work in IE check this first.

If it works in IE but not within in SiteKiosk in Start Once mode, check some SiteKiosk settings.
- SK user agent: Make sure to deactivate SiteKiosk in the user agent header. To do this, open the SiteKiosk configuration tool and go to >Basic >Start Page & Browser. Click the Advanced button and uncheck the box labeled 'Add "SiteKiosk" to user agent header'.
Also see "Computer identification":
- Activate the IE error pages:
"15. Using the Default IE Error Pages":

If it works in SiteKiosk in Start Once mode but not in Auto Start mode, it is probably due to a user-dependent Internet Explorer or Windows setting. Then check if the website works in Internet Explorer while you are logged in as a SiteKiosk user (used in Auto Start mode).
Here is the information on how to get access:

If everything does not help, it is best to update to the latest SiteKiosk version and create a new SiteKiosk configuration if necessary.
Here is more information on the update (license, installation, etc.):
Here are the system requirements (generally Windows 10 and Windows 8.1):

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