Support Request: Website popup "request denied for security" error


Our home page of our site caster project is suddenly producing errors when user tries to launch the element that should open webpage. The message says "request was denied for security" and window remains blank white.

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Re: Website popup "request denied for security" error 04/10/2021 15:38

Thank you for your inquiry. While SiteKiosk is running changes are not made unless you or someone else made them. Have you closed SiteKiosk to test your network connection? Have you tried opening the home page on a browser app outside of SiteKiosk on the device? SiteCaster projects are saved on your device, when published. If there is a security issue with your connection, you will see other impacts in other areas like Wi-Fi or anything connection related.

If you have tried everything else, you can test the newest version of SiteKiosk Android 2.11 (no license needed for testing). Your website was tested using a new configuration with SiteKiosk 2.11, no errors were shown.


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Re: Website popup "request denied for security" error 05/10/2021 01:13
Thank you for your response Andre. Nothing was changed, I'm the only one who manages these projects and machines and I assure you I did not change anything. They worked fine one day and the next they did not. I have verified that I can get to the websites without issue outside of Sitekiosk.
I followed advice and downloaded latest version 2.11 to test, and still receive the same error when attempting to access website, small dark grey window appears "request denied for security".
I have noticed when I try to access sitekiosk or provisio websites from the machines it gives me an error that security certificates are invalid, not sure if that is related.
Re: Website popup "request denied for security" error 05/10/2021 16:04

Thank you for testing and providing your results. I have tested your configuration file for reference and did not see the error. I tested a SiteCaster project with the web element. I also have tested navigating to our websites and did not get any security errors. Could there have been a change on your network instead? For example, if there were any changes with proxy, DNS or domain settings. This should not be applicable if your connection is direct to ISP and there is no corporate restrictions on internet usage.

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Re: Website popup "request denied for security" error 05/10/2021 23:56
Thank you for your response. There have been no changes on our network at all. All other connections outside of the Sitekiosk system are working fine. I can access the webpages via a browser outside of SiteKiosk without any problem.

The issue is specific to running within Site Kiosk project.
Re: Website popup "request denied for security" error 06/10/2021 15:38

Thank you for the update. Since we are working with security certificate errors, you can first verify that the time on your device matches your time zone and adjust accordingly. Second, you can add the URLs ("**" , "**", "**" and "**") to “Excluded URLs” at “-->Application-->Browser/Fullscreen Browser/SiteCaster-->White List for Certificates”. Test again to see if errors are still shown.

If this does not help, please send as much information as possible to support-america(at)
- Device make and model
-Android OS version
-Exported recently tested SiteKiosk Android configuration file -
-Detailed steps to replicate the issue.

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