Support Request: There is not enough available space in your team storage. Please contact support


The question I have is the same one that I found in your Site Knowledge Base FAQ's /Forum discussions. We are having the same issue while trying to upload a total of 17 videos (0.99GB) for one of our departments. I did modify the Max disk space for the team account to unlimited and also deleted log files for all team accounts as well as any unpublished campaigns. Our Current version of SiteRemote is V with Site Caster version v1.1.1.20. We use Windows 10 Enterprise Version 10.0.18363. The SiteRemote Server is a VM Windows Server 2016 Total disk space 89.51GB. How do I correct this problem?

I have copied and pasted the information I found in your knowledge base.

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Support Request: SiteRemote Serve - Not Cloud
We have having an issue, see attached. When ever we are trying to upload content into a Site Caster play list we get "There is not enough available space in your team storage. Please Contact Support.

We are running a self hosted Site Remote server. Can you please tell me how to resolve this issue.

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Re: SiteRemote Serve - Not Cloud 11/15/2018 2:56 PM
This applies to the SiteCaster CMS Storage size which is set to 1024MB by default. Changing this storage size via SiteRemote administration GUI is planned for the next SiteRemote server version. I will contact you by email with more information.

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Re: There is not enough available space in your team storage. Please contact support 04/10/2021 22:32

Thank you for your inquiry. Making changes to your team's allotted disk space in the SiteRemote Server backend is all that is required. Please ensure that you had selected the right team account in the backend (ignore the team called "System"). You can try logging out and logging back into the frontend or try clearing your browser's cache.

In the backend, you can try changing your teams, disk size from Unlimited to a large number to try to trigger another change. You can set it back to Unlimited, once you see the change reflected. The SiteRemote Server version you have is no longer supported. Please update to the current version to take advantage of updates and bug fixes:

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