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When our users try to open a webpage for internal mobility purposes they get a blank pop-up page.
When forcing a refresh of that blank pop-up page the page loads as intended.
I noticed that there's a script error when the pop-up opens which stops the page from loading and thus gives the blank page.
Is there any option to circumvent this behavior?

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Re: Blank page 06/10/2021 13:41

SiteKiosk 9.6 is no longer supported but nevertheless, here are some tips:

If you are using Chrome Browser Skin, make sure that the "Show Tab Bar & Toggle Tab Bar Button" option under ">Start Page & Browser>Customize>Browser Toolbar" is enabled (enabled by default).
Also, make sure that full screen mode is not enabled (Start Page & Browser>Fullscreen – disabled by default).
Reason: I assume that the login page and the follow page need to communicate with each other. In Chrome browser skin, it works only between browser tabs, but not with new browser windows.

Otherwise, you may create another (clean) SiteKiosk configuration (just for testing) in which you first set only the password to exit SiteKiosk and the startup page URL. Then test in one-time startup mode.

Also, make sure that the website works in other browsers on the computer (e.g. Edge) - you should also clear the browser cache to make sure that the page is reloaded from the network.

If the page works in another browser but still not in SiteKiosk, you should test it again with the latest SiteKiosk version

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