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We have the sitekiosk setup to run a program on startup, however when 1st loading, if the client touches the screen on the splashscreen the "web broweser" seems to take focus and our program gets sent to the back where it cant be accessed.

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Re: web browser takes focus 07/10/2021 08:57

Generally, SiteKiosk 9.7 is out of support but this is by design.

You may enable the task bar again (enabled by default).
>Start Page & Browser>Advanced>Display Taskbar (enabled by default) or (of you enabled the fullscreen mode) >Start Page & Browser>Fullscreen – disable "Hide the task bar in fullscreen mode" (disabled by default).
Then users can click on the program icon in the task bar.

Alternatively, you may enable the checkbox “Start application automatically" at >Applications>Add/Edit Then SiteKiosk will restart the application 10 seconds after SiteKiosk logout and screen saver activation.

In case you need to run the application permanently you should use an external script (>Start Page & Browser>Advanced>On startup of SiteKiosk, execute the following script file) instead of adding the exe to the SiteKiosk configuration.
Here some examples:

Further information >6. Execute script file:

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