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Sitekiosk is not allowing external applications to run within Sitekiosk. I have set it up with the exe path in the configuration. However getting note "because of the technical design of win 8/10apps it is not possible to use them directly as an external application. Please help . Thank you for your time .

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Re: Using word . 08/10/2021 19:01

Thank you for your inquiry. This is a known issue that with Windows 8/10 UWP apps (from Microsoft store, etc.) will not work with SiteKiosk directly. So instructions and tools are now provided to you with each SiteKiosk installation. See link:

"When you need to run a Windows 10 UWP app, you can use a workaround to start it with SiteKiosk. Further information can be found in the Readme.txt file in the folder ..\SiteKiosk\UWP. Due to technical limitations there is no easier way to configure an UWP app."

You should be fine, if you can find a legacy installer that installs the executable in the Program Files/(x86) folders, if the above does not work.

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