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I have a weblink tile to website that is for training videos. Normally this site will pop an additional window to play the video. in SiteKiosk, it spawns 5 extra windows, and crashes SiteKiosk during occasional playback. The below comment is from my onsite HR Manager:

I’ve had to take my new hires off the kiosk today because Alchemy trainings just keep crashing. They get almost finished on some and then they crash, some go right through.

This works without issue outside SiteKiosk in the Chrome browser.

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Re: Tiled Start with Chrome 08/10/2021 19:18

Thank you for your inquiry. More information is needed to truly understand what is happening with your site when using SiteKiosk. After reviewing, the configuration file, there were no possible settings that would cause this behavior. Please send to support-america(at)

-SiteKiosk Log files - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles (yyyy-mm-dd.txt files)
-Detailed steps to replicate the issue including test login credentials
-Please also indicate when was the issue first reported, if there was any changes made to the kiosk around that time

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